Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FBI Investigating Mosque Pipe-Bombing as Possible Domestic Terrorism

FBI Agents re-emphasizing the seriousness of a possible hate crime at a Jacksonville mosque.

The FBI is looking at this case as a possible hate crime, and now they're analyzing it as a possible act of domestic terrorism.

"It was a dangerous device, and had anybody been around it they could have been seriously injured or killed," says Special Agent James Casey. "We want to sort of emphasize the seriousness of the thing and not let people believe that this was just a match and a little bit of gasoline that was spread around."

Casey says surveillance video from the Islamic Center shows the arsonist carrying gasoline and the pipe bomb. When the explosive went off, parts of it were found 100 feet away on 9A.

Despite receiving few phone calls from the public, investigators are following up on leads. Call CrimeStoppers with any information.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns

Heres a sample.

"Several changes include sidelining Thomas Jefferson, who favoured separation of church and state, while introducing a new focus on the “significant contributions” of pro-slavery Confederate leaders during the civil war."

Enough linkies, I should get back to work.

This part is retarded.

"Study of Sir Isaac Newton is dropped in favour of examining scientific advances through military technology."

Lots of Red There


May be a little small.

A PSA On Drunk Dialing Political Organizations

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When Arkham Asylum Runs A Political Party

A local radio talk show host likes to say "...wait till we get some adults in control."

An overwhelming majority of delegates to the Maine Republican convention tonight voted to scrap the the proposed party platform and replace it with a document created by a group of Tea Party activists.

The official platform for the Republican Party of Maine is now a mix of right-wing fringe policies, libertarian buzzwords and outright conspiracy theories.

The document calls for the elimination of the Department of Education and the Federal Reserve, demands an investigation of "collusion between government and industry in the global warming myth," suggests the adoption of "Austrian Economics," declares that "'Freedom of Religion' does not mean 'freedom from religion'" (which I guess makes atheism illegal), insists that "healthcare is not a right," calls for the abrogation of the "UN Treaty on Rights of the Child" and the "Law Of The Sea Treaty" and declares that we must resist "efforts to create a one world government."

OTEP - "Smash The Control Machine"

"Smash The Control Machine"

(With the perfect hair
And the perfect wife
And the perfect kids
And the perfect life
I will finally be somebody...)

(Let's play born-again American, resistance is the game!)

Two pigs wearing suits
Brought the news
That I'm wanted by the bank

They say the rent is due
Caesar's onto you
So you better remember your place

Then they outsourced my job
And gave a raise to my boss

Bailed out the banks
But billed me for the loss

They say we must submit
And be one with the Machine

Because the Kingdom of Fear
Needs compliance to succeed

So waterboard the kids for fun
It's all the rage

And play born-again American
Resistance is the game

Work, buy, consume, die

Happy little slaves for minimum wage

(The revolution will be monetized
And streamed live via renegade WiFi)

The clinic said I'm sick
Toxic..... and impure

But there isn't any cure
For the poor or uninsured

So we live our digital lives
On multiple screens

And we forget that
The blood of the workers
Grease the machines

In the Psalm of the Fiends
Love ...... discriminates

While the fat cats feed the rats
Their daily dose of cake

So waterboard the kids for fun
It's all the rage

And play born-again American
Resistance is the game

Work, buy, consume, die

Happy little slaves for minimum wage

Work, buy, consume, die

Haters, betrayers, liars, and thieves


She sold her soul
For designer clothes

For the perfect lips
And the perfect nose

The winner in the end
Always owns the most

Reality tv told her so!


Money changer!
Greedy bankers!

This is the Peoples House!

My minister has a sinister plan
To save my soul with a credit card scam

Exploitation is contagious
For the selfish & self-inflated

Start a war, use the poor,
Watch our profits soar & soar

We've become a nation of wolves
Ruled by sheep

Owned by swine
Overfed & put to sleep

And while the media's elite
Decrees what to think

I am wide awake
On the edge
And on the brink

So when Atlas shrugs
And The Fountainhead bleeds
And when Walstreet Apostles
Preach a gospel of greed

I'll renounce the fame of this gluttonous age
And be a Born-again American
Resistance is to blame!

Work, buy, consume, die

Haters, betrayers, liars, and theives

A nation of wolves - ruled by sheep!

Exploitation is contagious
Exploitation is contagious
Exploitation is contagious

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Oath Keeper' under arrest after driving to Tennessee to take over courtouse, conduct 'citizens arrests' of public officials

A Georgia man has been arrested in Tennessee--authorities say he headed to Madisonville, armed and prepared to take over the courthouse.

Darren Huff stands charged of traveling in interstate commerce with intent to incite a riot and transporting in commerce a firearm in furtherance of a civil disorder.

The FBI says Huff traveled to Tennessee armed with a pistol on his hip and an assault rifle in his truck, intent on carrying out citizen's arrests of 24 federal, state, and local officials, and on seeing that another man did not face trial for trying to do the same.

The FBI interviewed a bank manager who said Huff told him on April 15 that Fitzpatrick had been falsely arrested, that Huff was in the Georgia militia, and that 8 or 9 other militia groups were headed to Madisonville on April 20 to "take over the city." The bank manager said Huff told him he'd see Huff's actions on the noon news.

FBI agents interviewed Huff at his home on April 19, and Huff said he would be traveling to Tennessee to help Fitzpatrick get the charges against him dropped. Huff told agents there would be no violence unless they were provoked into violence.

Still, he told agents he planned to travel with his Colt .45 handgun and AK-47 rifle.

Then, on April 20, officers in Madisonville reported numerous individuals in possession of openly displayed and concealed firearms, in the area around the courthouse.

FBI agents had observed Huff leaving his home around 6:15 that morning. Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers pulled him over in Sweetwater for traffic violations of traffic control device, registration law, and following too closely.

The troopers said Huff volunteered that he planned to travel to Madisonville to take over the courthouse, to arrest the people on Fitzpatrick's warrants--who he termed "domestic enemies of the United States engaged in treason"--and to turn those arrested over to state police to place in jail.

The troopers said Huff told them if they didn't have enough people on April 20 to do all they planned on that day, they'd be back in 1-2 weeks.

The troopers said Huff also told them he was ready to die for his rights and what he believed in, and that he would not consent to a search of his truck.

Then on April 21, Huff recorded a radio broadcast, talking about his traffic stop and saying he did have weapons and ammunition with him.

As a result, the FBI believes Huff had both the intent and means to carry out threats of violence.