Thursday, January 21, 2010

Health Reform

Lets break the health reform bill into sections. Sections that change the way business is done and that makes it a killer politically to vote against.

And leave all the financial sections of reconciliation. Prior administrations did it, so can this one. Cuss your bipartisanship when its in their party's interest to vote no for everything. The people will blame the party in power, blame the president, even when its obstructionism. Thats just how it goes.

Because we have short memories.


  1. Caught a news blurb this afternoon they were going to cut more out of the bill. What is left to cut out? Does it even remotely resemble what it started out to be or was supposed to be in the beginning?

  2. If there wasnt two 3 theaters of war going on, and the financial near collapse and high unemployment levels the bill would have passed by the original deadline.

    The core tenants of the senate bill were gutted to acquiesce in the name of bipartisanship for republicans who weren't going to vote on the bill no matter how it was written.

    The house version of the bills is decent but the thing that came out of the senate is just a money maker for the big boys.