Monday, June 7, 2010

With or Without Oil / Our Energy Use

Let's talk about some future stuff and oil.

As a resource I would prefer we used everyone else's supply and leave ours 'till the very end. Now, if it were to come down to it this is how it would go and this is contingent on us not quashing our insatiable taste of the sweet cheap crude.

We can either use all of our supply and then buy it at higher prices from other nations or take the supply from those nations for our use.

Or we can use all other nations supply first and leave ours for the last, thus making other nations buy it from us.

Regardless of the choice, blood will be shed. It will either be in another country or here on our soil. If the world wants oil and we are the last to have it or control it then we become the target. If we run out then we will invade, pay high prices or work with them to get it over other countries.

When the term "independence" is used, we should start using it when we talk about energy. We should start generating our own electricity on a personal scale. Our houses should produce our own electricity, our vehicles should producing the power needed to run itself. Geothermal, solar, there are plenty of potential and kinetic forces in action or harvest energy out of.

If the markets won't support this type of energy use or the people don't want to invest in it or put the time into it, then our power generation should be localized. We should not have power supply systems that cover large parts of the country. Look at it this way. If one quarter of a country is ran on a single power supply grid, what do you think some of the first targets of attack would be.

Much like the banking industry, one part of a system crashing or failing shouldn't take out a whole country. Diversity is key to survivability.

And I got called out to work, so I lost track of what I was talking about and will save it for another day. Yay storms putting our customers out of service!

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