Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thought This Was Pretty Funny.

If President Obama is a Muslim, he sure is a bad one.

does not fast during Ramadan
eats pork (ham, hot dogs, bbq), drinks beer
does not get down on prayer rug 5 times a day
has never done a Haj, the required pilgrimage to Mecca
married a Christian woman in a Christian ceremony
has only one wife
allows wife to travel alone, showing face, hair and body in sexy clothes
allows wife to shake hands with men and talk with them
had both his daughters baptized
allows his girls to attend school
attended Christian church for 20 years
pushed for and signed the “Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act”
welcomed New Orleans *Saints* (hello??) to White House
gave a medal to woman whose husband died in plane that hit WTC tower
never kissed the Saudi King on both cheeks (as George Bush did)
took the oath of office as a Senator and President on a Bible
has not once set foot in a mosque since becoming President
says Christ is his Savior and Redeemer
opened Easter Breakfast at White House, “welcome, brothers and sisters in Christ”
appointed a JEWISH WOMAN to the US Supreme Court
2009 tax return claims donations to:
– 19th Street Baptist Church
– St. Leo’s Residence for Veterans
– Sidwell Friends School (Quaker)
– St. John’s Church
– Habitat for Humanity (ecumenical Christian ministry)
– The Christopher House (means “Bearer of Christ”)
– Calvary Women’s Shelter
– made zero donations to any Muslim charity

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