Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

On this Christmas let us not forget the ones that have it less off then we do.

Don't look down on the lines at a food bank, these are tough times we live in... mostly of our own making.

While you're with your large families gorging yourself on too much food while the kids fight over how many presents they got, lets not forget the ones whose presents this year are just being able to get together over a small meal.

Even though "Seasons Greetings" may offend you, don't forget we were founded with the freedom to practice our religions and the freedom from having a religion forced upon us. Let those people enjoy the end of year festivities and family and friends bonding without have a term shoved down their throats.

Give the bell ringers a little something, that change in your vehicle console isn't doing you any good just sitting there.

Donate something, anything, to an organization that helps our troops. They are fighting for you to have everything that you have and the freedoms you enjoy at their expense. Their 2 year olds who haven't seen their fathers except through a video chat or photos in a post card. The kids who may never see their father because of an fate drawn for them in our defense.

A better life and situation for the ones less off increases the lives that we live. The healthier they are the more they can work, produce and contribute to society. That in turn effects our place of business and the economy as a whole which makes it better for us.

This is the first year I really bought anything for anyone except my mom. This may have set me back in bill payments a little and I don't do credit anymore but that is a small sacrifice just to make someone elses day a little better. It may not be much but what is it that is always said... It's the thought at counts! ^^

Merry Christmas!

P.S. I need a stab at climate change. Christmas to me is snow on the ground and being buried in it, not rain. It should not be raining in Indiana on Christmas. If you need visual evidence that our climate is changing just look around the world at what it used to be like and what is happening now. I don't recall ever having an iceberg larger than Manhattan drifting towards Australia and it shouldn't be freaking raining on Christmas in Indiana! ^^

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