Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mini Rants for the Day

I could care less about Tiger's life and you shouldn't either.

In defense of climate change: Its raining in December in Indianapolis, the corn farmers here have still not harvested some of their crops, the planet is losing ice sheets and glaciers.

Ten years of slightly lower North America temps does not negate the past 100+ years of increasing planet temperature.

You cant really trust an Oil lobby or Company backed scientific report, op ed, or statistics... they have just a slight bit of bias intent concerning anything that would damage their profits.

The Colts need to stop playing so close of games.

You can vote against and be against a war, but don't you fucking dare not vote to give the troops the money they need and the support they need. I'm looking at you Maxine Waters.

What is so wrong with trying to give all of America health insurance?

Laying your 80lbs of fat of a belly on a smaller person does not make one a respectable mma fighter.

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