Saturday, March 6, 2010

Praise to the Student Protester

I'm proud of the protests that happened on March 4th. Education always gets the shaft when the greed and mismanagement of a budget finally catches up to the times.

Education should be one of the major pillars of our society, it spurs our growth as a nation and betters our overall living conditions. When we neglect our education it has ripple effects throughout all aspects of our lives. Teenagers who turn to violence or drugs, never forming the drive to want to do better for themselves, their family, culture or country. Those kids grow up into stagnation and end up leeching off of their friends or the programs designed to keep people from bottoming out.

We drop the arts programs, the much needed spark to open the creative flood gates and replace them with sports programs. Who cares if bobby can be an excellent painter and sell it for a couple hundreds of dollars when we can make a football breeding camp and get these kids hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why would we want to offer all sorts of avenues for our children to choose what they want to do with their life, let them experiment with different fields till they find what fits them the best? Because we don't want to pigeon hole them into a limit occupation field. I'm sorry Jessica, we can only afford a base line curriculum and crap standards and classes that only teach to pass a test. You know Jessica, management positions at McDonald's are easy to achieve if you just put your tenure into the company.

Glennbeckistan said education isn't a right its a privilege. Maybe the higher levels of education are a privilege, the Masters and Doctorate levels. But education shouldn't be cost prohibitive. And the doors should be open to all. The rich parents already are at that level and can take care of their kids but the lower income level kids should be able to access the same institutions. Then that child, when he grows up, can do the same for his kids. We better society as a whole if we bring everyone up with us.

I would be a fan of low cost of attending but higher demands of achievement. I just believe that if we better everyone around us, we better ourselves. If our friends do better, then so do we. We shouldn't let corporations persist with the tax loopholes and avoid paying their dues. Taxes pay for social programs and we let the biggest tax payers off the hook with crap conservative economics.

Higher education is an investment in yourself, but you should not have to be bankrupted by that investment due to bad lending practices and overpriced for-profit schools. Young people are the driving force of our capitalistic society, if most of their money is tied up in loan repayments then that is money is not being spent in the markets.

Adult learning is essential also. When one sector of the economy goes away or crashes they should be easily able to learn a new field and adapt to the ever changing economic landscape.

We should not neglect our youth and their educations, we should not be limited by financial boundaries as potentials for growth. We should strive to be the smartest amongst the world and strive to better our position in the world.

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