Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Site Big Journalism Is Garbage

From Breitbart's Big Journalism

"Mark Steyn is always right, whether he's writing about Andrew Lloyd Webber or, in this case, the suicide-bomber-in-chief, Barack Obama, who doesn't much care how many Democrats get sent to the electoral Elysian Fields -- or even whether he gets a second term -- as long as he can blow up the capitalist system from within. Excuse me -- effect "fundamental change." And what better way to get Hussein's camel's nose under your hospital gown than by taking over the American health-care system, all under the guise of "reform?"

Really? Equating our president to a terrorist. Camel nose? I really hate these people.

And I guess he thinks the Democrats who vote for the health care bills are heroic and virtuous because the Elysian Fields is where their souls go when they die in the Elysium part of the underworld.

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